Social Technology Is A Way Of Using Human, Intellectual And Digital Resources In Order To Influence Social Processes. Elite Sales Leads Uses The Worlds #1 Professional Network To Build And Manage Your Social Technology Playbook.

Create An Effective Sales Profile On LinkedIn

The first step in getting more profile views is to make sure your profile is visible to people searching for you.

Target The Right Prospects On LinkedIn

Any salesperson worth their salt knows that finding the right decision makers is half the battle — you don’t want to waste your time selling to someone who doesn’t have the authority to say yes. And yet, identifying these key players can also be time-consuming and tedious. Calling upon these resources, the best salespeople tailor their first contact to directly address each prospect’s professional objectives and personal interests.

Improve Your In-Mail Response Rates On LinkedIn

InMails have a 10-25% hit rate when it comes to soliciting a response from prospects – 300% higher than emails with the exact same content. This has to do with how InMails work. They come optimized for mobile within the LinkedIn app, they trigger immediate notifications on mobile, and they go to a dedicated inbox (in LinkedIn) as well as to the recipient’s standard email inbox. In other words, InMail targets three touchpoints with the prospect, instead of just one – automatically increasing your chances of a positive reception. As valuable as InMail is for connecting with prospects, the best salespeople only use InMail when a referral isn’t possible. Personal introductions still yield the highest success rates – up to 500% higher than an unsolicited approach. But if you lack a common connection with a prospect, a wellcrafted, personalized InMail gives you a great shot at starting a conversation.

Uncover Relevant Sales Insights On LinkedIn

Every closed deal starts with solid prospect research. By conducting that research on LinkedIn, sales pros can dig up lots of valuable information that helps prioritize outreach and sparks conversations. The key is knowing which insights to zero in on, where to find them, and how to use them to your advantage. To uncover relevant insights, you need to discover what matters most to your prospects — and that means understanding their needs and aspirations in the context of their business and role. Modern selling practices that incorporate LinkedIn can provide you with this all-important entry point — and up your

efficiency in the process. Plus, completing your research ahead of time not only helps you filter and qualify leads, it greatly enriches your initial interactions. By developing an

effective and consistent research routine, you can collect all the information you need in a matter of minutes.

Effectively Engage Key Decision Makers On LinkedIn

If you or your sales reps need to connect with business decision makers, LinkedIn should be a prime destination. Half of all B2B buyers use LinkedIn as a resource when making purchase decisions. And they are open to interactions with sales professionals, given the professional context of LinkedIn. You can bet every modern B2B seller seeks out and builds relationships by engaging with prospects who are active on LinkedIn. In fact, research proves this out. 62% of top salespeople — those who exceeded their projected target revenue by more than 25% — strongly attribute closing more deals to incorporating social networks into their sales strategy. Here’s one of the key reasons why: 94% of salespeople who are familiar with social tech say it provides them with valuable insights for connecting with customers and prospects.

Build Valuable Relationships On LinkedIn

It’s said time and again that every closed deal starts with relationship building. But sales success is about more than just establishing and building relationships with potential customers. Valuable relationships of every type play a key role:
Sales managers
While sales professionals can take many paths to connect with these various people in order to drive their deals forward, LinkedIn has become an essential tool for those seeking to build these valuable relationships.


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