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Navigation Plan

We Navigate the tough terrain of social technology prospecting using your sales reps LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Month-to-month subscription
Affordable monthly license fee
Dashboard reporting
Pay for leads after they are delivered
24/7 access to your campaign’s analytics

We build out target account lists, prioritize and save leads, connect with prospects, and craft unique messaging for personalized outreach that engages prospects in a professional manner. Spamming and pushy sales tactics are outdated and not appreciated by your prospects. We take a conversational approach to marketing. Providing value through sharing content and educating your prospects, addressing their pain points, and appropriately proposing solutions.

Pathfinder Plan

The Pathfinder Plan is designed for tech start-ups and small businesses that need to define their sales model.

Implement the right sales technologies
Create a powerful message that highlights your competitive differentiators and value propositions.
Build out your content library
Engineer your lead lifecycle

This fully hands-on program spans across the entire process of business development. From building your sales model to generating leads, and converting prospects into sales-ready opportunities.

Enlightenment Plan

Launching a new product, building a brand? We build and manage brand awareness campaigns that create inbound lead channels through impactful messages, content strategy, and marketing channel deployment.

Brand Awareness
Market Research
Data Optimization

  • "The reporting is great and the team is proactive."

    Ali Dhoon CEO - CoreIT
  • "I appreciate all the hard work. You have gone above what was outlined in our Agreement and overshot expectations."

    Amit Verma Codvo - Managing Partner

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