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Getting Started

Meet with an Elite Sales Engineer to discuss your marketing and sales goals. We work with you to thoroughly analyze your sales structure, then we propose a solution designed to help you meet your marketing and sales goals. Our campaign development is data-driven.

Your Elite Sales Engineer will walk you through a thorough set-up and implementation process. You will receive an onboarding email and invitation to an orientation meeting where you will review and approve messaging, prospect list(s), marketing content, posting schedule, and more.

Access to a private customer portal; log in and see your campaign stats 24/7. Your dashboard will include outbound activity, success metrics, and access to all the messaging and marketing content.

Weekly review meetings with you and your Elite Sales Engineer are scheduled out in advance. Weekly reviews can by 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1-hour meetings. You will review things such as new list(s), changes to messaging, new marking content, and leads that are pre-sales qualified.  By keeping disciplined communication we can assure your overall customer satisfaction.


Capture your audience with a short explainer video. We can personalize a 20, 40, or 60-second elevator pitch video. It’s a great way to get it in front of your prospective Clients that may not take the time to read a traditional email or LinkedIn message.

Blogging is an indirect way to engage your prospects. Eloquently written blogs can position you as a thought leader and influencer in your field. It creates a pathway for inbound leads.
We interview you, use your own words and knowledge to craft impactful content, and share it with your network.

LinkedIn’s many niche groups are full of decision-makers. This is a great place to join, share, and engage. Your prospects will start to recognize your brand and your name. We present you with the relative groups we recommend joining, we present you with the content we recommend sharing and everything is passed through you or your team for approval before it’s posted or implemented.

Leveraging LinkedIn campaigns is one of the most effective means to build brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, generate leads, and more. Developing and managing an effective Linkedin campaign is not only labor-intense, it is an art. We can build and manage your LinkedIn pages, Ads, sponsored content, and more. 

Performance-based billing

  1. Month-to-month subscription
  2. Pay for leads after they are delivered
  3. You set the monthly maximum value (MMV) of leads and billing allowed each month

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