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Capture your audience with a trendy short video. We can personalize a 20, 40 or 60 second elevator pitch video. It’s a great way to get it in front of your prospective Clients that may not take the time to read a traditional email or LinkedIn message.

Starting at $75 per/mo

We like to position our Clients as thought leaders in their field by creating and sharing thought provoking Blogs.
We use our intelligence from our discovery call, combined with specialist publishers comprehensive writing consulting. We craft exceptional and post exceptional blogs that will leave your readers wanting to hear more from you.

Starts at $395 per/mo

LinkedIn’s many niche groups are full of decision makers. This is a great place to join, share and engage. It’s a time consuming tedious task so let your Elite Sales Assistant handle it for you. Your prospects will start to recognize your brand and your name. This is Social Selling to the Max! We present you with the relative groups we recommend joining, we present you with the content we recommend sharing and everything is passed through you or your team for approval before it’s posted or implemented.

Starts at $295 per/mo

Get started for as little as $595 per/mo.

Pay after the leads are delivered!

We are disrupting the lead generation industry by offering the only billing model where you pay for the leads after they are delivered. Yes! You read that correctly.

The billing model is simple:

  1. We have a minimal monthly licensing fee that starts as little as $795 (please see optional add-ons for additional expense)
  2. Once a lead is delivered to you and approved it will be counted as a billable lead.
  3. Invoicing is done at the end of the week for the leads that were delivered that week.
  4. You set the monthly maximum value (MMV), of leads you are willing to receive that month. Once your MMV has been hit for that month invoicing is paused for that month.

We have found that providing an honest billing model makes for the best vendor client relationships.  We only turn a profit when you turn a profit so we make it our business to make you successful.

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